The Case for Connectivity (part 1)

As with most CEOs of younger companies, I find myself on the investment raising treadmill. Doing so for a company focused on internet connectivity in frontier markets provides an extra layer of complexity, since it’s not a sexy of a proposition as a new app for ecommerce, agtech, fintech, etc might be. Those are easier…
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Internet for Ranches and Wildlife Research

Farms and Ranch WiFi I took off this weekend to test some BRCKs out in some of the more rural parts of Kenya. In this case, I was invited by Michael Nicholson who runs the cattle part of the El Karama Ranch situated near Nanyuki at the foot of Mount Kenya. The ranch is approximately…
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Thinking Unidirectional and Omnidirectional Antennas

At one end of the BRCK you’ll find a flap with an antenna post hiding underneath it. This is connected to the wireless modem inside of the BRCK and allows you to extend the range of your Edge/3G/4G considerably. Many times we find that the signal from a mobile tower is a bit weak. Sometimes…
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WiFi Bridging – Why and How

There are 3 primary channels for you to connect to the internet via your BRCK device that come in the box (others, such as satellite, can be added by you later): Ethernet – Plug in an internet connected ethernet cable WiFi Bridge – Connect your BRCK over another WiFi network Wireless (SIM card) – Insert…
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Juliana’s BRCK booted up in the lobby at the Clinton Global Initiative.