Of Dhows and Drones

Increasingly tech companies are moving to Shenzhen, Taipei and Seoul. At the same time, BRCK is getting itself further and further into the remotest parts of Africa. We are a unique company, and we have a unique perspective on tech that makes life mostly hard, but ultimately fulfilling. We talk a lot about ‘You can…
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BRCK Expedition 2016 – Mt Kenya: Update

It has been three days since our team set off for Mt Kenya and so far the climb has gone well! The weather station, through the PicoBRCK has been sending back data, which you can view here and you also follow the team’s progress up the mountain via GPS. We will leave the equipment there…
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A Little on PicoBRCK and Mt Kenya

In the next five days (from the time of writing this), a small BRCK team (Kurt, Fenda, Dado, Paul, Jeff and myself) will pull off something incredible that will mark the beginning of a beautiful era of Kenyan Engineering. We will go up Mt. Kenya and install the first ever Kenyan made weather station running…
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