Expedition Technology – Part I

Along this trip, we are really putting the BRCK to the test. We are trying as hard as we can to dog-food this thing in the most extreme environments to see where it falls down and where it stands up. Here is just a snippet of what we’ve learn’t so far. Some of it reinforces…
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Experiencing connectivity across African borders

One of the challenges while traveling across Africa is connectivity. The experience of getting connected is often quite slow and unpredictable, especially when you are transiting through countries with places to be before  dark. Yesterday was a case in point.  We were trying to get an MTN Line in Zambia so that we could connect…
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Going deep with openROV

BRCK has a great relationship with the folks over at openROV, the creators of underwater exploration robots. They set us up with one of their units and we jumped at the opportunity to test it on our expedition to Uganda. The openROV is a low cost, open source platform that creates some pretty great opportunities…
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BRCK+ED Expedition: Connecting Lingira Secondary School

Over the past three months we have received a huge amount of interest from educators about the BRCK. This has been a real eye opener for us. Because of this we planned an expedition to visit Johnny Long, a long time member of the BRCK community, who runs Hackers For Charity in Jinja, Uganda. He…
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BRCK is Hiring an Electrical Engineer

The BRCK is now an independent commercial entity and we’ve started to raise our seed round of investment. This means we’re ramping up and are looking to hire for some specific positions. If you’re hungry to join a team that uses technology to solve real-world problems, and has a fun time while doing so, Tell…
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BRCK in the News

BRCK’s been lucky enough to get some exciting press attention in the last month, here are the highlights. Der Spiegel has a great article about mobile changing Africa and gives a great context for BRCK. The Conversation featured BRCK as well OH, we also made it into Wired UK back in November!!!!

Catching the Eclipse

Nothing is certain. You’ve thought through all the variables, your made your plan, you’ve prepped, but nothing is certain. The next best thing you get after certainty is reliability. BRCK stood up to the rigors of one of Africa’s most challenging environments even as the total eclipse was hidden behind a passing storm. We’re proud…
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A bit of a puncture

We expect a few issues like this, but none in as beautiful of a background as Mt Kenya rising clearly behind our backs. Thank god for tire slime and air compressors.