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The BRCK GPIO Expansion – Datasheet

A unique feature of the BRCK is that it can be modded and extended with other hardware through it’s GPIO port (on the bottom of the device). Simply put, this allows you to connect any type of sensor, machine or device to the BRCK. We’ve built this to be as open and usable as possible, … read more

WiFi Bridging – Why and How

There are 3 primary channels for you to connect to the internet via your BRCK device that come in the box (others, such as satellite, can be added by you later): Ethernet – Plug in an internet connected ethernet cable WiFi Bridge – Connect your BRCK over another WiFi network Wireless (SIM card) – Insert … read more

Internet connectivity is directly related to power connectivity

I had a meeting yesterday with some people who had just come to Nairobi from Lagos, Nigeria. They kept mentioning the problem with power outages and how this happened multiple times each day. We’re no strangers to power outages in Nairobi either, so I commiserated with them and then went on to discuss the differences … read more

“Our Problem is Internet” on BRCKs in Schools

Yesterday we spent the morning taking a few new pictures of the BRCK, since there had been some cosmetic changes to the design (we moved the light on the top, and put the power button on the side). One of the first places we stopped was a school in Kawangware, one of the lower income … read more

An Unequal Distribution

My business partner for many years, Juliana Rotich, gave a great talk at TED last year in which she talked about the unequal distribution of information globally during the communications revolution that we’re currently all a part of. Africa has started to overcome the infrastructure barriers to be a part of this digital revolution with … read more

BRCK is Hiring

We’re looking for great people to join the new BRCK team and help us build an amazing technology company here in Nairobi, Kenya. Simply good won’t be enough, if you’re not an overachiever (and can prove it), then do not apply. Apply for all positions by submitting your CV/Resume and a paragraph on “why you” … read more

What do we mean by “Designed in Kenya”?

The BRCK is designed and developed here in Nairobi, Kenya. As you might expect, this is a very different experience than doing it in China, US or EU. While creating physical products is always hard. Doing it in Africa is harder. This is due to the difficulties around rapid prototyping, shipping costs and accessibility of … read more

The Case for Engineering BRCK in Africa – Part 1

(Note: I’ll do another post later on the challenges, constraints and opportunities of designing in Africa, but here’s a real case study for why it’s important.) Reg and Philip spent a day last week at Amboseli working with a group of conservationist called Lion Guardians, who have a permanent camp about 10km from the edge … read more