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A BRCK Technical Update: Oct 2014

I’ve been a bit remiss in my updates to everyone about what’s going on within the BRCK house. In short, we’ve been sleeping few hours as we try to do a whole load of updates, fix bugs, add new features, and create an overall better experience. I asked Jeff, Wesley, Reg and Emmanuel to put … read more

An Nguruman Excursion

This weekend Reg, Philip and I took off for the Nguruman Escarpment, which is about a four hour drive outside of Nairobi. Our goal was to field test a BRCK with some friends of ours, Philip and Katy Leakey, who live in a tented camp at the top of the Ngurman escarpment, which is on … read more

Shipping BRCKs!

“Shipping BRCKs”, if you say that title out loud, and quickly enough, you’ll know how we feel just about now… 🙂 First shipments: July 17th That date above is the most important thing that everyone wants to know. Next week we’ll test the BRCK production line, and ship out the first batch of devices. Finally. … read more

Internet at the Rhino Charge with BRCK

We tend to be an adventurous bunch, and so it shouldn’t be surprising that Philip was the navigator for the BRCK vehicle in Kenya’s annual bushwhacking event called the Rhino Charge. The Rhino Charge is unique, it works this way… No one knows where the race will be until a week in advance, when a … read more

“40% of the world is on the internet” and other 2014 stats

The ITU has just put out a new report showcasing some astounding numbers on general internet penetration, mobile broadband (wireless) use, and how the developing world compares to the rest. [2014 ICT Facts and Figures ITU (1.7Mb PDF download)] A couple of the interesting statements and figures Internet user penetration has reached 40% globally, 78% … read more

Thinking Unidirectional and Omnidirectional Antennas

At one end of the BRCK you’ll find a flap with an antenna post hiding underneath it. This is connected to the wireless modem inside of the BRCK and allows you to extend the range of your Edge/3G/4G considerably. Many times we find that the signal from a mobile tower is a bit weak. Sometimes … read more

The BRCK GPIO Expansion – Datasheet

A unique feature of the BRCK is that it can be modded and extended with other hardware through it’s GPIO port (on the bottom of the device). Simply put, this allows you to connect any type of sensor, machine or device to the BRCK. We’ve built this to be as open and usable as possible, … read more

WiFi Bridging – Why and How

There are 3 primary channels for you to connect to the internet via your BRCK device that come in the box (others, such as satellite, can be added by you later): Ethernet – Plug in an internet connected ethernet cable WiFi Bridge – Connect your BRCK over another WiFi network Wireless (SIM card) – Insert … read more