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Juliana’s BRCK booted up in the lobby at the Clinton Global Initiative.

Case Design Finalized

We keep saying that the BRCK Engineering team is working feverishly to meet our kickstarter deadlines and today we get to show you what some of the fuss has been about. This is a 3D print of the final design for the BRCK’s case, careful observers will note that it’s a bit taller and the … read more

Shoulder Bags Finalized

Our Shoulder Bags are leaving KE for the states soon!

Pre Orders are Closed

As of today, we are no longer taking Pre-Orders for BRCK. Over the next few months we’ll be finalizing our manufacturing processes and fulfilling our kickstarter and pre-orders. We’ll have an online store (along with a new website) up in the late fall/early winter.

Bags are Almost Done

At BRCK we love a good bag. and we know we’re not alone. Bags are our life blood on the road, and on the road is where a lot of us are more often than not. We’ve all had bags we loved and held onto until the patches and repairs were making up more of … read more

BRCK update

We’re just a few months away from shipping and our work is moving along faster than ever. Engineering is getting the last little details finalized, and we are just about happy with the case. Here are a few images of this near finished version. See the rest of the images on Flickr.