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120 hours

The last 120 hours have been an incredibly intense time. We saw beautiful vistas of Kenya from 17000ft, we hiked under a silent canopy at stars in the middle of the night and we ran the picoBRCKs through all sorts of real life IOT situations. Over the next few days the Mt Kenya BRCK team … read more

BRCK Expedition 2016 – Mt Kenya: Update

It has been three days since our team set off for Mt Kenya and so far the climb has gone well! The weather station, through the PicoBRCK has been sending back data, which you can view here and you also follow the team’s progress up the mountain via GPS. We will leave the equipment there … read more

A Little on PicoBRCK and Mt Kenya

In the next five days (from the time of writing this), a small BRCK team (Kurt, Fenda, Dado, Paul, Jeff and myself) will pull off something incredible that will mark the beginning of a beautiful era of Kenyan Engineering. We will go up Mt. Kenya and install the first ever Kenyan made weather station running … read more

Mt Kenya in 36 hours

Our very sweet new office has the statement “you can do hard things” stenciled onto one of the brick walls. And the last week has been a testament to that across the entire staff.  The software team has done some absolutely incredible stuff with the BRCKOS on the SupaBRCK prototypes.  The KioKit team has been … read more

BRCK’s CEO at WEF: Digital Ecosystems in Davos

Two weeks ago our CEO Erik Hersman was invited by the Economist to speak on a panel about digital ecosystems at the World Economic Forum in Davos. A short video was created with soundbites from the event. The discussion was chaired by Matthew Bishop, Editorial Director, New Initiatives, at The Economist between the President of … read more

Taking digital literacy to rural schools

Wajir county has a population of 661,941 and an area of 55,840.6 km². Wajir County has only one local authority: Wajir county council. Somali people who are Muslim in culture and faith predominantly occupy it. The purpose of coming here was to deliver a Kio Kit, our digital literacy kit to Wajir library in Wajir … read more

The Kio Kit at the National Library in Thika

The year has started off with a bang here at BRCK! We have shipped Kio Kits to a school project in Tanzania, and just yesterday we spent  the day at the Kenya National Library in Thika Town. A big part of why we built the Kio Kit is to easily and cheaply augment already existing … read more

We’ve shipped Kio Kits to Tanzania!

When we set out to build the Kio Kit, we were challenged by the opportunity to make a difference in education. Our passion for hardware and software, and the difference it could make in classrooms not only in Kenya, but  across Africa and other emerging economies drives us every day. It goes without saying that we are … read more