Ungatani Primary School Deployment

January 31, 2017

The year has started on quite a high note here at Brck. Our vision still driving us forward; to connect Africa to the internet. That’s exactly what we were doing on Tuesday the 10th of January. Duncan Mochama, Madhav Gajjar, Robert Karume and I were deploying a Kio Kit to one of the most rural…
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BRCK bags top awards at ITU Telecom World 2016 in Bangkok Thailand and at the annual AfricaCom event in South Africa

November 25, 2016

ITU world is the global platform for high level debate, networking, innovative showcasing and knowledge sharing across the ICT. It is the UN specialized agency for ICT’s with 193 member states and over 700 private sector members. This year, the ITU world gathering was held in the vibrant city of Bangkok in the Kingdom of…
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Sharing the design cognitive load

September 30, 2016

The African adage it takes a village is poignant. The idea of community and doing things together places African communities in a unique position for effective human centered participatory design. It also places a special emphasis on context. Our various contextual deep dives into different communities have illuminated just how diverse the context in Africa are,…
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April 22, 2016

We’re continuing to grow at BRCK, and have a lot of things going on now, from our normal BRCK connectivity device, to education with our Kio Kit and have started doing some interesting sensor-connectivity as well. With all this going on, we thought it might be good to have a monthly “chat” with key people…
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Down Mt Kenya and into the office: picoBRCK learnings.

March 26, 2016

We’ve been back from Mt Kenya for a week now.  Although many expedition posts are about the exhilarating adventures we have had, the reason we continue to do these trips is because of the field learnings that come about about; some are expected some are unexpected. Batteries are the weakest link.   This was the…
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Steve’s perspective

March 22, 2016

Before this expedition I had been to Mount Kenya twice. I was successful in summiting point Lenana the first time but failed the second time. So this was also a revenge mission. I had a cold going into this expedition and it exacerbated itself once I reached the foot of the mountain. I had some big doubts…
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Mt. Kenya – Summary

March 20, 2016

Well after a number of targeted posts I want to give an overall summary of our trip. We arrived at Old Moses gate of Mt Kenya last Saturday only to find that the the Kenya Wildlife Service is in the middle of paving the road so we were not allowed to drive on it. This meant…
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Mt Kenya – The Summit and Back

March 18, 2016

Mt. Kenya – the Summit and Back – by Paul Birkelo This is the third BRCK expedition I’ve had the privilege to participate in. As one of only two or three people on the now ~50 strong BRCK team who didn’t grow up in Kenya, I’m routinely amazed at the opportunities they’ve given me to…
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